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Friday, November 04, 2005

Welcome back to Osaka(゜▼゜)ノ


I got my lazy butt and updating my blog...sorry for the people who were waiting for my blog being updated...but you know i am this kind of lazy person, right?? hehehe

I had been doing REALLY busy....i had the TOEFL test last Friday, had paper and chinese exam this Tues. and had another int'l politics exam this Wed. Everyday was filled with studying studying and studying!!!!

Anyway, let me tell you who i saw again in early Oct. (^-^

Two of my Kansai Gaidai (my university) friends from the states came back to Osaka.

Krista, from Wisconsin, came to Osaka like the first week of Oct. i think. i actually met her in Wisconsin where i studied abroad and found out she has been to my university to study abroad. Krista, Jung (my WI Korean friend who is studying abroad at my university right now) and I went shopping, had dinner together..ooops (゜;)yeah.... it is like the same thing we did in Eau Claire hehehe(^^) It was really really awesome though that three of us could get together again in my country. While i was with Krista and Jung, it reminded me of the days i was in Eau Cliare hunging out with my friends(´∀`*)

About a week after I saw Krista, my another friend, Tyler from West Virginia came to my university to see his friends(*゜)/ We went to eat pasta at a resetaurant where we had his farewell party two years ago. Then, we went to a store to get alcho and hang out at a park. It also reminded me the days i hang out with Ty two years chatting at the lounge, having parties etc. I had fun with Ty and my friends on that day.

It was definetly great to see Krista and Ty again Since both of them are on the jet program that is teaching English at Japanese elemntary or middle schools, hope i will see them again.                                                                                                                                                                 


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