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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh SURE! IT IS JAPANESE Mexican restaurant!

Friday night, I and some friends (Japanese and American) went to a Mexican restaurant near our school. It is a Mexican restaurant in Japan.
What do you expect??
It is like a Japanese restaurant or Korean restaurant in the US. Everyone knew it is gonna be different from the US Mexican restaurant.

Chad ordered Tortilla chips and sals while we were waiting for the food. Every american friend looked at salsa and they went like OH MY GOD! i was like them too. The salsa didn't look like salsa and tasted like ketchup...well...they had another sauce that was good though. Most of my friends had chicken quesadilla..that looked not too bad. What I had?? Well...i was freaking hungry for FAJITA!!!! But sadly i didn't find it on a menu. Can you beleive it?? No fajita(;_;) so i had something something i don't remember.

I really miss FAJITA(*_*) god i am getting hungry!!!