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Friday, August 12, 2005

Thanks Allison and Laura(*^_^*)

I got a big box from the US the other day.....Whopeee!!! Birthday gift from my good friend Ally and Laura. When I opened the box....WOW!! lots of plastic bags!!! I bet they are from Allison...right?? thanks for the plastic bags, Ally hehehe just kidding. The box smelled soooo nice. I got excited and I kept looking for the gifts.....

Ally gave me shampoo and conditionor named SO SEXY from Victoria's Secret which I really really wanted. She also gave me a pretty b-day card that her family and her messages on it. It was so sweet of her to have her family signed up on the card.
Laura ,aka my roomie, gave me lots of stuff that made me big surprised!!! She also gave me a set of lotion, body spray, and body wash from Vicky's Secret which smell nice. And candy bars, gum, gummy worms. Oh and b-day card, too. oh!!! and and pigy beanie pinkys and copies of pictures and the Minesota state quarter. I really like them all. It was very nice of her to send them all for me.
well... i've got a funy story here about the gummy worms. All of the gummy worms sorta melted away and turned into one big chunck of gommy worm in each bag. I was like what the..! wel well i guess we learned "NO gummy worms in the summer!!"
After i read my b-day cards....tears came out from my eyes. yeah i know..I miss you all sooo much!! I can't believe it is almost a year ago that i went to Eau Cliare. I still feel like I am going to back to UWEC. I want to!!!!
Anyway, thank you Ally and Laura . Love you girls.


At 7:53 AM, Anonymous YASU said...

I always feel that your Blog's entries are kind of arts!!
i cant write like that,,
colorful colors, picture writing...
awesome stuff!!!

by the way, thanks for your e-mail.
i know you are sooooooo busy but i reaaaaaaaaally appreciate your help!!!

good luck on your job hunting!!!

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous yoko said...

ahhhh i envy you! if i got a pacage from oklahoma, i would be so happy! i wanna eat soft taco in tacomayo.....i wish somebody send it for me!!!!

At 1:53 AM, Blogger maki said...

thank you:) i like colorful letters and stuff..yeah i am always trying to make my blog lovely.

i am sure u will get something from oklahoma too hehehehe ;)

At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Maki, I am glad you received the package!! I can't believe the gummy worms melted (I saw the picture and wow they were melted)!! I guess we learned not to mail gummy worms in the summer. Did you still eat them? :) I am glad that you liked what you got. I can't believe it wasn't almost a yr ago you came to the US!! About this time I was wondering if I was going to like my roomie, what she was like, etc.... I miss you :(***
Love Laura

At 10:44 PM, Blogger maki said...

yeah.. we definitely should not mail gummy worms in the summer,Laura. Actually i haven't had them..they are still in a fridge..don't know how i should eat anyway, yeah thanks fot the gift:)

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Ryuzo said...



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