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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My B-day party!!!!

alright another b-day story!
my friends from my univeristy planned a b-day party for me and Rika (another b-day girl). That was REALLY sweet of them. It was the first time that my friends planned a b-day party for me. I always plan b-day parties for my it was really AWESOME to be celebrated. We went to a garlic restaurant called Ninnikuya. The food was terrific there!! They have a lof of dishes and garlic is in most of the dishes. Anyway, we got a bottle of b-day champagne..and the staffs there sang a b-day song for me and Rika.

♪♪"Happny B-day to you. Happy B-day to you. Happy B-day Dear Maki sama to (and) Rika sama. Happy Birthday to you." ♪♪
Then everyone at the restaurant looked at us, of course. i liked it though it was kinda embarrassing.

I got b-day gifts from my friends too.
First I opened the one from Yoko. whooo!! a hello kitty small mirror. I was using a broken one so it was really nice to get a new one. hehehehe yoko, thanks.

Next...the one from Yuki. oh~!!! a squishy spongebob ball and a cady to make me fat? I guess we have to play catch to loose our heavy fat, huh, Yuki?? thanks, yuki. one from Kuri san (Hiroshi). A pen! he was telling me and rika that he didn't have time to go shopping for a b-day gif. is okay!! A pen is useful. I like it. Thanks.

Finally....the big big one from Ryuzo. WOW!! A Japanese style lamp. Cool!!! Where the hell i can put this in my room though....oh well! I will figure that out later. I really really like it. Thanks, Ryuzo!!

I had an AWESOME time on that was um..27th yeah. Thanks soooooo much, yoko, yuki, kuri san and ryuzo.

After I got home, my dad went like "STINCKS!!!!!!" Oooops.... i guess i got garlicky breath. I had a really nice day without fear of being attcked from vampires for a while. hehehehe


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