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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My 22nd B-day Report

A lot of things were going on for about two weeks.
I. my birthday
II. the due of application for a cosmetic company
III. a job interview

I satyed up soo late till like 4:30 in a morning and working on my job huntting thingsgeez I am so glad I am still alive!! Huh? Yeah! Of course!! I am gonna take some break this week.

Anyway forget about freaking job huntting, yeah talk about my birthday!!
As you know,
25th of July is my birthday. And also it is the day that one of the tradittional Japanese festival is held every year. It has been like a routine to go to the festival, The Tenjin Festival, on my birthday since I graduated high shcool I think. At the festival, they do fireworks diaplay which i really like to see every year though it gets sooo crowded. I went to the Tenjin festival on my birthday with a good friend of mine, Yukko. we put on Yukata which is a tradittional kimono for summer. The fireworks display was great We could watch it at a really really good spot! Since the typhoon was getting close to Osaka region, the wind was really strong. Can you guess what happened to us?? Yeah!! Right! The sparks of the fireworks blew at us. I got really scared but it was fun birthday My freinds from my university planned a b-party for me and another birthday girl, Rika (her b-day is 27th). But I am getting tired of typing and seeing the pc next time!!!


At 11:18 AM, Anonymous yasu said...


is this interesting story to be continued..? i cant wait!!


wish u a GOOD LUCK!
for your job hunting and your bright future!!!

At 2:38 PM, Blogger maki said...

thank you, Yasu:)


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