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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lovely b-day gift from my family in AUST☆

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here i am!!!! got my heavy butt and typing my journal...

I got an another b-day present from AUSTRALIA like um..a week ago☆ミ


It was from my sweet sweet family in Perth. I got a lot of things....let see.....

pretty greenish blue necklace, West Australian iro ore earings and bracelet, cute placemats, magnet and pretty stamps and of course candies. I love them sooooo much The candies were all gone in two or three bad.

My Australian family is sooo awesome! I love them a lot and miss them too. It's been like um...gosh five years since i went there for the first time. Everything was new to me at that time. My host family helped me out to get used to the life in Australia and took me a lot of places!!! I had soooo much fun with them although the homestay program was just for about two weeks.
I went back to Perth two years ago..spent Christmas and New Year there with my lovely family in Aust. I stayed there for about three weeks. I was super happy to see them again I really felt like i am one of the family member.
Oh boy, i really really love my family in Perth. I really want to go back to Perth in this year or this coming Feb. I will let you know if i really decide !! Anyway thank you soooo much Dad, Mom and Shan! LoVe YoU


At 5:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still contact with your host familly?? That's awesome!! By the way, I added your blog on my new blog--Check it out!

At 6:04 PM, Blogger maki said...

yupyup! I will thanks:)


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