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Sunday, August 28, 2005

job search diary #3

I was getting nervous from last night. I passed a very first step of the application of a cosmetic company and went on a next step today which was a job intreview and exam.
When i arrived the place, the staff there gave free stuff to all the applicants..a bottle of water and a sample of the company's product!

I was like YAYv(^^)v

Listening to the presentation and then watching the DVD of the company, more and more i attracted to the company. I believe I can grow up a lot through this company.

After the presentation, i had an exam.

♪Ooops i did agan? ♪

I guessed ALL of the math questions!! It could have taken like for 5 years to figure out these questions if i did not guess.(;_:) Thanks god, there were some english hope i did pretty good on these.

After the exam...
group interview
I was waiting till my gourp will be called... i was getting pretty nervous..(>_<)/ while i was waiting, the top person at the human resources said "Do you have any questions?" Then one of the girl..asked him if he can check out her application sheet and tell her what attractive ability she has. I was like...oh gosh i really wanted him to do that for me, too.
After the girl has done, i asked him the same thing. And he was like "Sure." he asked me a few questions..and he said "Wow you have lots of good ability..most people got usually one or two..but you got four. You should talk about this wonderful experoence in detail."
i felt sooo good after that. And i felt soo relieved.
Time to have an interview(^_^)/~
I didn't get nervous. I did kinda silly thing which is forgot to tell the intreviewer that what i am going to talk about. But i think i could tell everything.
Just god knows if i pass this interview or not.



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