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Sunday, August 28, 2005

job search diary #3

I was getting nervous from last night. I passed a very first step of the application of a cosmetic company and went on a next step today which was a job intreview and exam.
When i arrived the place, the staff there gave free stuff to all the applicants..a bottle of water and a sample of the company's product!

I was like YAYv(^^)v

Listening to the presentation and then watching the DVD of the company, more and more i attracted to the company. I believe I can grow up a lot through this company.

After the presentation, i had an exam.

♪Ooops i did agan? ♪

I guessed ALL of the math questions!! It could have taken like for 5 years to figure out these questions if i did not guess.(;_:) Thanks god, there were some english hope i did pretty good on these.

After the exam...
group interview
I was waiting till my gourp will be called... i was getting pretty nervous..(>_<)/ while i was waiting, the top person at the human resources said "Do you have any questions?" Then one of the girl..asked him if he can check out her application sheet and tell her what attractive ability she has. I was like...oh gosh i really wanted him to do that for me, too.
After the girl has done, i asked him the same thing. And he was like "Sure." he asked me a few questions..and he said "Wow you have lots of good ability..most people got usually one or two..but you got four. You should talk about this wonderful experoence in detail."
i felt sooo good after that. And i felt soo relieved.
Time to have an interview(^_^)/~
I didn't get nervous. I did kinda silly thing which is forgot to tell the intreviewer that what i am going to talk about. But i think i could tell everything.
Just god knows if i pass this interview or not.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lovely b-day gift from my family in AUST☆

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here i am!!!! got my heavy butt and typing my journal...

I got an another b-day present from AUSTRALIA like um..a week ago☆ミ


It was from my sweet sweet family in Perth. I got a lot of things....let see.....

pretty greenish blue necklace, West Australian iro ore earings and bracelet, cute placemats, magnet and pretty stamps and of course candies. I love them sooooo much The candies were all gone in two or three bad.

My Australian family is sooo awesome! I love them a lot and miss them too. It's been like um...gosh five years since i went there for the first time. Everything was new to me at that time. My host family helped me out to get used to the life in Australia and took me a lot of places!!! I had soooo much fun with them although the homestay program was just for about two weeks.
I went back to Perth two years ago..spent Christmas and New Year there with my lovely family in Aust. I stayed there for about three weeks. I was super happy to see them again I really felt like i am one of the family member.
Oh boy, i really really love my family in Perth. I really want to go back to Perth in this year or this coming Feb. I will let you know if i really decide !! Anyway thank you soooo much Dad, Mom and Shan! LoVe YoU

feel soooo crabby!!!!

i am kind drunk here..yeah..had a party with neighbors and had three cans of beer!!! hehehehehe My sister's boydriend is sleeping over tonight..yeah..i was soo drunk..and i opened my sister's room without knocking...they got really surprised..they seemed like in the middle of something.. i was like OH SHIT!!!
my sister doesn't know how i am feelin right now... i feel soo lonely and crabby because i don't have one to be loved or to love... it's just really fucked up random feeling....i want to have love me, to hug me, to kiss me! Oh shit.... hope i can find one this semester or this year.

Monday, August 15, 2005

deserve to be lazy???

Quiz!! Guess what time i got up today???
12pm? NOPE! that's piece of cake for me.
2pm? Nooo.

Wanna give up?????

The answer is 5:30 pm!!!! (-_-)zzz

yeah..i know! i felt like i am a sleeping princess. I just spent half of the 15th of Aust anything but sleeping. Gosh. (~_~)

But i thought maybe i deserved it. I worked a lot the other week without sleeping that much. No more being lazy from now on though.

"Observe life! Be analytical! Look at everything with open eyes and accept everything with opean heart: even in little setails there is so much meaning...
Try to notice the beauty of life, music, art, nature. Get a lot of experience and learn from it! Enrich yourself and your environment! Be creative- Don't be satisfied with boring routine!
Life is 'Give and Take'- Don't forget to give! Don't be afraid- Be optimistic, ambitious, challenge new things!! Don't be indifferent, Don't think "someone else will do it", Better ask "why not me?"
Keep relationships, value friendships! Don't waste time! Be with master of your life! And remember

This is from my favorite teacher, Loreta. She typed this and handed to my classmates last last summer (can't beleive that was two years ago!!!) I just happened to find this again when i was cleaning my room this summer. I moved a lot..every single word has very deep meaning of life and just came into my heart and soul!! I love these sentences soo much.(^_^) This is gonna be my motto forever.ヽ(^o^)丿

Friday, August 12, 2005

Thanks Allison and Laura(*^_^*)

I got a big box from the US the other day.....Whopeee!!! Birthday gift from my good friend Ally and Laura. When I opened the box....WOW!! lots of plastic bags!!! I bet they are from Allison...right?? thanks for the plastic bags, Ally hehehe just kidding. The box smelled soooo nice. I got excited and I kept looking for the gifts.....

Ally gave me shampoo and conditionor named SO SEXY from Victoria's Secret which I really really wanted. She also gave me a pretty b-day card that her family and her messages on it. It was so sweet of her to have her family signed up on the card.
Laura ,aka my roomie, gave me lots of stuff that made me big surprised!!! She also gave me a set of lotion, body spray, and body wash from Vicky's Secret which smell nice. And candy bars, gum, gummy worms. Oh and b-day card, too. oh!!! and and pigy beanie pinkys and copies of pictures and the Minesota state quarter. I really like them all. It was very nice of her to send them all for me.
well... i've got a funy story here about the gummy worms. All of the gummy worms sorta melted away and turned into one big chunck of gommy worm in each bag. I was like what the..! wel well i guess we learned "NO gummy worms in the summer!!"
After i read my b-day cards....tears came out from my eyes. yeah i know..I miss you all sooo much!! I can't believe it is almost a year ago that i went to Eau Cliare. I still feel like I am going to back to UWEC. I want to!!!!
Anyway, thank you Ally and Laura . Love you girls.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My B-day party!!!!

alright another b-day story!
my friends from my univeristy planned a b-day party for me and Rika (another b-day girl). That was REALLY sweet of them. It was the first time that my friends planned a b-day party for me. I always plan b-day parties for my it was really AWESOME to be celebrated. We went to a garlic restaurant called Ninnikuya. The food was terrific there!! They have a lof of dishes and garlic is in most of the dishes. Anyway, we got a bottle of b-day champagne..and the staffs there sang a b-day song for me and Rika.

♪♪"Happny B-day to you. Happy B-day to you. Happy B-day Dear Maki sama to (and) Rika sama. Happy Birthday to you." ♪♪
Then everyone at the restaurant looked at us, of course. i liked it though it was kinda embarrassing.

I got b-day gifts from my friends too.
First I opened the one from Yoko. whooo!! a hello kitty small mirror. I was using a broken one so it was really nice to get a new one. hehehehe yoko, thanks.

Next...the one from Yuki. oh~!!! a squishy spongebob ball and a cady to make me fat? I guess we have to play catch to loose our heavy fat, huh, Yuki?? thanks, yuki. one from Kuri san (Hiroshi). A pen! he was telling me and rika that he didn't have time to go shopping for a b-day gif. is okay!! A pen is useful. I like it. Thanks.

Finally....the big big one from Ryuzo. WOW!! A Japanese style lamp. Cool!!! Where the hell i can put this in my room though....oh well! I will figure that out later. I really really like it. Thanks, Ryuzo!!

I had an AWESOME time on that was um..27th yeah. Thanks soooooo much, yoko, yuki, kuri san and ryuzo.

After I got home, my dad went like "STINCKS!!!!!!" Oooops.... i guess i got garlicky breath. I had a really nice day without fear of being attcked from vampires for a while. hehehehe

My 22nd B-day Report

A lot of things were going on for about two weeks.
I. my birthday
II. the due of application for a cosmetic company
III. a job interview

I satyed up soo late till like 4:30 in a morning and working on my job huntting thingsgeez I am so glad I am still alive!! Huh? Yeah! Of course!! I am gonna take some break this week.

Anyway forget about freaking job huntting, yeah talk about my birthday!!
As you know,
25th of July is my birthday. And also it is the day that one of the tradittional Japanese festival is held every year. It has been like a routine to go to the festival, The Tenjin Festival, on my birthday since I graduated high shcool I think. At the festival, they do fireworks diaplay which i really like to see every year though it gets sooo crowded. I went to the Tenjin festival on my birthday with a good friend of mine, Yukko. we put on Yukata which is a tradittional kimono for summer. The fireworks display was great We could watch it at a really really good spot! Since the typhoon was getting close to Osaka region, the wind was really strong. Can you guess what happened to us?? Yeah!! Right! The sparks of the fireworks blew at us. I got really scared but it was fun birthday My freinds from my university planned a b-party for me and another birthday girl, Rika (her b-day is 27th). But I am getting tired of typing and seeing the pc next time!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Busy busy busy!!!!

I am soooo sorry that I could not update my blog these days... I have been busy from doing job search right now!! But I will post my birthday story week (^o^)丿