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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thought I'm gonna die

The thing happened really really sudden last night..the god didn't give me time to expect this happen I thought I had a really productive day compared to the other my hair cut and went out eat with my friends. After I got home, I was doing my routine,turned on my compter and checked my e-mail sort of thing.. Then, my dad got a phone mail from my sister asking dad to pick her up from her work. She was telling that she missed the last train. My dad was pretty upset ofcourse coz it was like alomst one in a morning. But I told my dad I could go with him though I can't drive know it is always good to have a company The rain was getting heavier on the way to home as if it was warning us, warning my family. The thing happened when we were waiting for the light turn to green. It was like two or three minutes later....the big huge schock went through our car!!!! We got crach by the car behind us at the intersection. I screamed sooo loud..thought the window of the car was broken and pieces of glasses gonna hit me!! Seriously our car moved more than 1 meter from the crash!!! But thanks goodness no one got injured. My hands were off the car and saw the fucking car hit us. The car was damaged sooooo kidding, it couldn't run anymore. When I saw it, i felt like the god and my ancestors (or whatever) let us live I deeply thought that I should cherish my life and enjoy it!!


At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG Maki!! I am sooooooo glad that you are okay!! What a horrible experience to go through. I am glad noone was hurt and can't even imagine what you must have gone thro. I hope everything turns out okay.

I miss you lots and glad you have a blog so I can keep up with all the latests.



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