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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Maki's Job Search Diary #2 ~the airline company~

Well well well...I went to the airline company's workshop and um..took exam the other day. I got to the place 40 min earlier..and got really astonished!! Alomst EVERY SINGLE girls who are applying to the same company dressed exaclty the same and did their hair exactly the same too as if they are like "airport agents"!!!!! I was like whatt the hell!! What kind of world is it??!! i really felt that they wanna be airport agents... but you know polish your inside not the OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!! That's what i really wanted to tell them. You guys can dress up and do your hair like that after you got hired! NOT NOW... Just show the company your originality your characteristic.. not the typical image of the airport agents....That day made me realized that working at the airport is the ideal job for those girls...


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous YASU said...

Thats an interesting and great point!!!


By the way,,,, how do u say "KOSUPURE" in Englsih?
Is that kind of only in Japanese culture?
If so,,, it's kind of shame, isnt it???

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous KUYA said...

そうか そうか ~!


At 6:15 PM, Blogger maki said...

hey yasu and kuya!! Thanks for the comments:)"Kosupre" is the abbreviation of "coustume "play"" i guess....(・_・;)ってことは!!!!oh gosh!!!! it might be the only Japanese thing?? Is it???? shame on nighty Japanses ppl!!

At 6:16 PM, Blogger maki said...

shooot! i meant the "naughty" Japanses ppl...bad bad spelling!!! shame on me(>_<)


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