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Monday, July 11, 2005

Maki's Job Search Diary #1

Every single time I write my resume for job huntting it took really really long time..though i have written only once I applied for an airline agent. I am going to take the exam and attend the airline compay's workshop on Fri! Also, I have to turn in my resume...and now i am working on it It is soo hard and stressful Why??? Maybe because I had never thought about me.. I have to appeal to the company that I have very uniqe characteristics or great knowledge. It is not that hard when I talk i think..but when it comes to writing it becomes harder..coz i have to express in my words in a limited spacec. be honest...I don't really wanna work as an airline agent..I know it is not that educated job in the US and Europe but here it is!!!! Being a flight attendant or airport agent are the one of the ideal job for Japanese girls.. My teacher from last year (she is from Lithuania) said air port agent is a such a heavy labor..she dosen't know why all eduacated Japanese girls want to work at airport or airline companies. I totally agree with that. I don't think I can use my intelligent brain brain is going to be lazy. hehehe But i just want to try if I will be hired or not.. This is like a practice for the future job search The more practice you can do better!!! That is my motto!!! Alright..time to go back to my resume


At 11:39 PM, Anonymous icecreamsatomi said...

nice blog maki!!! i didnt know you had such a terrible accident, but i am really glad that you were ok and also nobody was injured. anyways, although we dont have a lot of chances to see each other now, it is really good that i can still taste a part of your life through this....


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