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Sunday, July 10, 2005

IES H class Party

The bright IES H classmates got together on the 7th of July Most of my classmates went to study abroad in many different countries, so it was really great to see them all there!!!! And even our teacher from last year came to the party. We talked about our study abroad experiences and the fucking job huntting. It seemed like everyone had different study abroad experiences in a positive way. All of my classmates looked really brilliant and strong. We also well..especially girls, talked about know like what age we want to get married and who is going to get married first and forth.....we were like OOOPS and felt really old Coz last year we never had conversation about it!! We got to realize that we are at the age talking about marriage..oh gosh Anyway, after the get together party, some of us went to karaoke all night I really had fun with them all. I love you guys


At 1:38 PM, Anonymous yukienu said...

That night was soooooooooo great!
why did we talk about marriage..anyway it's ok! hope we all can get one who will be the spouse. and I think it's good for Grils to be "working mother" like Loreta! hahaha..

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous YASU said...

hey, I really envy u that u can see ur class mates again after studying abroad!!! The photo looks sosooooo COOL!!!
hope i can see my class mates again too.
So how is ur summer going?
Plaese have great summer days!!!
oh~~!! also Im really happy that u was ok from the terrible accident!! Please take care!!!


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