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Friday, July 22, 2005

Maki's Cooking

Since my mom has been pretty sick, I am in charge of cooking dinner for my family well i like cooking so i enjoy it

I cooked dice-sized steak with grind radish, and salad for dinner tonight☆

the meat was supposed to be steak.....But it was like hamburger meat .....maybe coz the meat was really really cheap...100 yen that is about a buk..ooooops well the taste was great according to my dad and mom hehehehehe i guess that really matters!!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Maki's Job Search Diary #2 ~the airline company~

Well well well...I went to the airline company's workshop and um..took exam the other day. I got to the place 40 min earlier..and got really astonished!! Alomst EVERY SINGLE girls who are applying to the same company dressed exaclty the same and did their hair exactly the same too as if they are like "airport agents"!!!!! I was like whatt the hell!! What kind of world is it??!! i really felt that they wanna be airport agents... but you know polish your inside not the OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!! That's what i really wanted to tell them. You guys can dress up and do your hair like that after you got hired! NOT NOW... Just show the company your originality your characteristic.. not the typical image of the airport agents....That day made me realized that working at the airport is the ideal job for those girls...

Monday, July 11, 2005

Maki's Job Search Diary #1

Every single time I write my resume for job huntting it took really really long time..though i have written only once I applied for an airline agent. I am going to take the exam and attend the airline compay's workshop on Fri! Also, I have to turn in my resume...and now i am working on it It is soo hard and stressful Why??? Maybe because I had never thought about me.. I have to appeal to the company that I have very uniqe characteristics or great knowledge. It is not that hard when I talk i think..but when it comes to writing it becomes harder..coz i have to express in my words in a limited spacec. be honest...I don't really wanna work as an airline agent..I know it is not that educated job in the US and Europe but here it is!!!! Being a flight attendant or airport agent are the one of the ideal job for Japanese girls.. My teacher from last year (she is from Lithuania) said air port agent is a such a heavy labor..she dosen't know why all eduacated Japanese girls want to work at airport or airline companies. I totally agree with that. I don't think I can use my intelligent brain brain is going to be lazy. hehehe But i just want to try if I will be hired or not.. This is like a practice for the future job search The more practice you can do better!!! That is my motto!!! Alright..time to go back to my resume

Sunday, July 10, 2005

IES H class Party

The bright IES H classmates got together on the 7th of July Most of my classmates went to study abroad in many different countries, so it was really great to see them all there!!!! And even our teacher from last year came to the party. We talked about our study abroad experiences and the fucking job huntting. It seemed like everyone had different study abroad experiences in a positive way. All of my classmates looked really brilliant and strong. We also well..especially girls, talked about know like what age we want to get married and who is going to get married first and forth.....we were like OOOPS and felt really old Coz last year we never had conversation about it!! We got to realize that we are at the age talking about marriage..oh gosh Anyway, after the get together party, some of us went to karaoke all night I really had fun with them all. I love you guys

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Thought I'm gonna die

The thing happened really really sudden last night..the god didn't give me time to expect this happen I thought I had a really productive day compared to the other my hair cut and went out eat with my friends. After I got home, I was doing my routine,turned on my compter and checked my e-mail sort of thing.. Then, my dad got a phone mail from my sister asking dad to pick her up from her work. She was telling that she missed the last train. My dad was pretty upset ofcourse coz it was like alomst one in a morning. But I told my dad I could go with him though I can't drive know it is always good to have a company The rain was getting heavier on the way to home as if it was warning us, warning my family. The thing happened when we were waiting for the light turn to green. It was like two or three minutes later....the big huge schock went through our car!!!! We got crach by the car behind us at the intersection. I screamed sooo loud..thought the window of the car was broken and pieces of glasses gonna hit me!! Seriously our car moved more than 1 meter from the crash!!! But thanks goodness no one got injured. My hands were off the car and saw the fucking car hit us. The car was damaged sooooo kidding, it couldn't run anymore. When I saw it, i felt like the god and my ancestors (or whatever) let us live I deeply thought that I should cherish my life and enjoy it!!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lazy bone\(>_<)/

I was supposed to take a TOEFL test today at 1pm...... BUT i slept through my alarm got up like noon.. I have benn doing like this stupid overslept thing lately...!! Think btter get off this fricking routine Alright!!! It is almost 3am again!!!! I gonna go to bed and have a productive day tomorrow

Friday, July 01, 2005

Maki's blog!!

well well well..I finally decided to make my own blog!! Yay:) I don't really know how to use it though..hehehe Hope I can keep this updated..that is the thing i am worried..
anyway, for all of my frineds who are not in Japan, visit my blog and post some comments so that we can keep in touch!! And for all of my friends in Japan, enjoy my blog and post some comments, too(^◇^)